Substance Abuse, Addiction Disorders, and Addiction  Treatment 

Integrated Behavioral Health Services and Substance Abuse Treatment within a framework of individualized and client-centered care, near you. 

You can start outpatient rehab near you right now by calling us 855-788-8247 (24hrs)

With onsite Intensive Outpatient (IOP), Outpatient Group Counseling, Day and Evening options, psychiatric evaluations, pharmacotherapies, individual and family counseling, clinical assessments, and UDS testing (urine drug screens), you can conveniently base your recovery at The Counseling Center, nearby home, school, and work. 

Clinical Assessments

Professional clinical assessments are performed on-site by our licensed and certified staff counselors, to satisfy court ordered or judicial requirements, DUI/DWI/DUID consequences (IDRC compliance), or to establish a basis for behavioral health (mental health) treatment or treatment for addiction disorders (substance abuse treatment) including eligibility for medication-assisted treatment options (pharmacotherapies such as Vivitrol or methadone).

To schedule a clinical assessment during the week or on a Saturday morning, call 855-788-8247 (24 hr line)

Psychiatric Evaluations

Professional on-site psychiatric evaluations when warranted or clinically indicated, such as when medications are needed or subscriptions must be verified/approved, or when evaluations are appropriate before or during treatment. 

Adult Intensive Outpatient Groups

The intensive outpatient program (known as "IOP") at The Counseling Center is an award-winning program designed to allow continued attendance in school or at work, while providing consistent, reliable counseling and group support right in the home community. This is a decreasing-intensity program, with increasing freedom as you achieve progress in outpatient therapy.

Outpatient Counseling

Counseling is central to treatment, and specific outpatient counseling programs are available on-site from our qualified professional staff. These cover a broad range of topics, and may vary with the needs of the client population at a given time.

Counseling topics ranging from depression and anxiety, anger management, and a host of topics of interest utilizing a range of proven methods such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Rational-Emotive work, and many others. 

Adolescent Individual and Family counseling

Adolescents at risk or in distress benefit from an integrated team approach to counseling and treatment, engaging many parts of the community into treatment.

The young adult is not the only stakeholder in a recovery plan - the family plays an essential role, as does the community at large, including school counselors and administrators, peer advocates, law enforcement representatives, social workers and others.

Family and individual counseling is available on-site at The Counseling Center, as an essential part of treatment.


Where appropriate, based on clinical assessment and program participation, various pharmacotherapies may be included in treatment. 

UDS Testing (Urine Drug Screen)

On-site urine drug testing (UDS) is an important component of substance abuse and addiction treatment plans, conveniently available within the integrated services offering at The Counseling Center.

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Confidential Clinical Assessment

The Counseling Center at Roxbury is an outpatient addiction treatment and behavioral health counseling center, staffed with certified and experienced clinical professionals. Eligibility for all programs is determined with a confidential clinical assessment, which is performed in person at The Counseling Center.

Adults and adolescents seeking treatment for addiction, alcoholism, mental/behavioral health conditions, or any of the commonly co-occurring disorders associated with addiction and substance abuse, may participate in our award-winning Outpatient Therapy, Intensive Outpatient Therapy, Individual, or Group counseling, based on clinical assessment. To schedule call 862-296-2062 .

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